Monday, September 28, 2009

Green Roof to Garner Platinum Points

The Lofts @ Cherokee Studios have been designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification from the USGBC, ensuring that the new structure (designed by Pugh + Scarpa) will be one of the most energy- and resource-efficient buildings of its kind on the West Coast. Some of those LEED points that will certainly make up the Lofts' winning USGBC report card will surely come from the building's gorgeous roof top garden designed by FormLA Landscaping.

The green roof will save energy and reduce the heat-island effect produced by the building. Rooftop greenery will absorb the unrelenting Los Angeles sunshine which means that residents and businesses in the building will need less air-conditioning to maintain pleasant indoor temperatures. The green roof will also produce a community benefit in mitigating the reflection and amplification of heat production by the building.

Irrigation and storm water runoff mitigation were also concerns when designing the roof. Storm water will be captured on the roof and routed through a drainage and filtration system beneath a landscaped parkway. There it will be cleaned, filtered, and directed back into the ground water table to reduce pollution and run-off.

The roof will be planted with native plants that require minimal irrigation. These natural grasses will softly frame 365 degree views of the urban landscape that is Los Angeles. With views from Malibu to downtown, from the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign all the way out to the Pacific Ocean beyond, this rooftop deck and lounge is the perfect place to chill out after a long day of work in the studio.

As Form LA's Cassy Aoyagi explains, "This rooftop will be beautiful place to entertain with incredible views of the city and abundant greenery."

Check back for photographs, or better yet, join us for the Rock-n-Platinum Preview & Party or Public Tours, coming up in October. We'll be posting ticket information very, very soon.

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