Monday, July 6, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Siegal & Sharma Designing 30 Seconds to Mars

The brains behind the Office of Mobile Design & BLANKSPACE join forces to put their pre-FABulous touches on what is sure to be an interplanetary sensation; a penthouse suite in homage to alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.

What was your first rock concert? (If it’s embarrassing, you can plead the 5th)?
Sharma: Rolling Stones: Voo Doo Lounge Tour.
Siegal: Jethro Tull at the Boston Garden. 1981 or 82.

What was the first record or CD that you ever bought?
Sharma: Thompson Twins: Into the Gap. I also won a record in a 6-hour roller-skate-a-thon.
I think it was Olivia Newton John. I remember my mother telling the people who sponsored me that I would skate for a half hour, an hour tops. I skated the entire time out of sheer determination. I was really little... maybe 6 or 7.
Siegal: Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell.

What inspired you to get involved in this project?
Sharma: I was initially intrigued by the concept... designing a space inspired by music. I've
designed spaces influenced by a piece of jewlery, a chair or a piece of art but never a song or a band then Habitat for Humanity's involvement clinched it for me.
Siegal: The opportunity to work with my colleague Sandra Sharma.

Why 30 Seconds to Mars?
Sharma & Siegal: 30 Seconds to Mars was the only band whose music we liked and that shared our passion for the environment. Even their name "30 Seconds to Mars" evokes thought... We have a consumer based society and technology moves so quickly in order to attempt to keep up with our demand for instant gratification.

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