Friday, October 9, 2009

Blueskyreality to Perform Songs from 'Cabin Sessions' at Rock-n-Platinum Showcase

Blueskyreality have been touring the United States opening for alternative rock veterans, Third Eye Blind for the better part of the Summer to promote their upcoming EP 'Cabin Sessions' which drops this Tuesday, October 13th (available on iTunes). Likened to bands like Maroon 5 and Incubus, the five piece have already proven their level of musicianship through self-recording and production for the release of their first EP; with these credits under their collective belt they are full of promise and poised to become mainstays on the alternative rock music scene.

Hailing from Santa Barbara, Blueskyreality have gone from a three-piece accompaniment to full-fledged indie rock band with the addition of two new members in 2008. They will be joining our eclectic roster of musical acts for the live music portion of the Rock-n-Platinum showcase, performing an stripped down set, featuring songs from the brand new EP. We would like to thank all of the talented musicians who are helping us raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles through this unique blend of design and sound!

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  1. um yes.. whoever wrote this.. how and where did you get misled about our biography?
    "Hailing from Santa Barbara-BSR have gone from a three-piece to full-fledged indie rock band with addition of two new members in 2008?"

    we have been a band for 4 years and counting *(as a five piece)* and are from the valley.. 818. LA

    honored that you wrote about us, but no clue where you got that stuff from?