Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight: "Dear Tesla, Yes Please."

Tesla Motors proves that efficient, electric motor vehicles can indeed hit the road with the same speed and verve as their fossil-fuel guzzling counterparts. Seeing as the Roadster is twice as energy-efficient as a Toyota Prius, and just a bit sexier, we're thrilled to announce that a few lucky VIPs may be selected to take an electrifying ride in one of these babies at the party. (Note: test-RIDE, not -DRIVE. That's right, we don't think you can handle it!)

A Tesla representative will be on-site, selecting qualified VIPs for the test ride. Then you'll have a few private moments to get up and close personal with the Roadster. Please try not to drool.

If you don't know the details, read a bit about the Roadster below.

The highly acclaimed Roadster -- faster than a Porsche and twice as energy efficient as a Toyota Prius – is the only highway-capable electric vehicle for sale in North America or Europe. It’s the first production EV to travel more than 200 miles per charge and the first US- and EU-certified Lithium-Ion battery electric vehicle. With an estimated range of 244 miles per charge and zero tailpipe emissions, it offers supercar performance with a clean conscience.

The Roadster 2, which Tesla is building and shipping to customers now, features an array of enhancements. Those include a more powerful heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, more comfortable seats and a more luxurious dashboard and cabin.

Last month Tesla began delivering the Roadster Sport, an even higher performance car that does 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, compared to 3.9 seconds for the standard Roadster. The Sport includes a more powerful motor, custom-tuned suspension and forged wheels. A customer’s Roadster Sport sprinted the quarter-mile in 12.643 seconds in late July, setting a class record in the National Electric Drag Racing Association.

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