Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cherokee Studios...Past, Present & Future

Past : Cherokee Studios was one of the most significant Hollywood recording studios in the 1960s and 70s. Altogether, its hallowed halls and cutting edge studio spaces produced a combined 300 Gold and Platinum albums by iconic artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. As the seasons changed, so did the music, and Cherokee welcomed each new wave of music just as it had with the genres of the past. From the days of big band to the disco era, in every age Cherokee was the place with “the vibe” and where musical magic happened.

Through the years, the artists who recorded at Cherokee Studios gathered inspiration from the ones who were there before them. Whether it was Elton John sitting down to write his now unmistakable lyrics at the same piano in Studio One where Frank Sinatra once recorded, or Elliot Smith sleeping on the tracking room floor until final touches were made to his album where David Bowie tracked ‘Changes’, its legacy is a collection of stories, experiences, and the collection of creative spirits that make this musical landmark worth preserving.

Present : In August, 2007 Cherokee Studios officially closed its doors located at 751 N. Fairfax, with plans to once again usher in a new era of musical history. Los Angeles, a rock-n-roll Mecca for anyone with big dreams of making it big as a musician will soon be home to one of the most unique musical institutions in the world. Original Owner, Bruce Robb entrusted his beloved Cherokee Studios (on Fairfax) to the team at REthink Development, pioneers in green building and the renowned architectural design team at Pugh + Scarpa to ensure that “the vibe” at Cherokee Studios was preserved in this new endeavor.

Today, what once was an unassuming building in West Hollywood has been given a facelift, after all this is LA, and come September, 2009 will be unveiled as the Lofts @ Cherokee Studios. Continuing its impressive track record for winning awards, these 12 live/work lofts and 2,800 square feet of commercial space are slated to achieve LEED Platinum status, the highest level a building can receive in green construction.

The Lofts @ Cherokee Studios manifest the best in environmental efficiency mixed with a lot of Rock-n-Roll history. Amazing natural light, clean air, non toxic materials, and advanced green heating and cooling system all provide a healthy and productive environment in which to create. The five-story building also boasts a meticulously landscaped green “living roof” with incredible views of the Hollywood Hills. Dedicated in-home music production suites are built in to the Premium Penthouse lofts, as designed by renowned acoustician George Augspurger and Bruce Robb himself.

Future : The musical legacy of the original studios continues as the to
rch is being passed on to twelve new owners who will now occupy the space. The natural ventilation and renewable energy will breathe new life and creativity into the indoor environment, while the gold and platinum records that fill the lobby will serve as a reminder of the artists who once recorded there, and inspire the next generation of musicians and music lovers. It’s only a matter of time before the next Platinum album comes out of the Lofts @ Cherokee Studios.

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